Fine Woodworking Studio, Black Mountain, NC

I am asked a lot of questions about my work space. People are curious about the equipment and the process. A lot goes into one of my pieces, and the wood is transformed by machinery and hand work. My studio has space dedicated to my lathe, table space and light appropriate for wood carving and burning, and lots of space and natural light sufficient for the painting I do. There is also lots of storage for, and ready access to, the wide array of tools my work requires. And then... there is the wood. Chunks of raw wood in all sizes and shapes are present everywhere. No matter where I look, there is opportunity.

Fine Woodworking, Steve Miller, Black Mountain, NC

My pieces evolve slowly over large lengths of time, and there are always multiple pieces in various stages of completion scattered across the work surfaces of the studio. While I am waiting for a layer of paint to dry on piece, I will work on the carving of another. This staggered evolution makes my work space a fascinating exhibition of my process.

My studio is accompanied by a room where I store my finished work. It is set up with shelves and lighting that allow me to look at the work in a relatively uncluttered setting. That allows me to plan for shows and exhibitions. It is also a nice place to simply view the work, and it allows me to show it off when people come to visit!

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO VISIT MY STUDIO OR SEE MY WORK IN PERSON, YOU CAN MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TO DO SO. I am located in Black Mountain, NC - about 15 minutes east of Asheville and right off of Interstate 40.  CLICK HERE TO CONTACT ME.