My journey with wood began at art shows, where I became intrigued by the idea of working with a natural, raw material.  In 1998, I visited a woodturners guild, and quickly became hooked on the process. When I began turning wood, I was attracted to the beauty of the wood itself, and for many years I made vessels that celebrated the color, grain and feel of the natural material.  During this time, woodturners around the world were pushing the boundaries of turned wood into the art world. Their work was incredibly more complex than anything I was used to seeing, and I was curious enough to start pushing my own limits. I stepped well outside my comfort zone by tackling the carving, burning, and painting of wood.  Over time, with the acquisition of a new creative skill set, the total experience of woodturning came together for me.  I now treat the turned wood, when it comes from the lathe, as a blank three dimensional canvas.  I transform the smooth surface of the vessel with carved and burned textures that echo rhythms found in the natural world.  Layers of carefully applied paint create bold contours, and accentuated textures, that rest in a field of nuanced color. Each piece becomes a world unto itself - a unique journey that I find fascinating, and hope you do too.